Sincerity Manifesto

          Bravata, is a smug attitude against industrial standardisation and mass production.

A sedution whose cornerstoneis the competent gesture. The design of the products is the result of a different approach to carpentry, where the artisan becomes a designer and the designer becomes an artisan. The laboratory is the backing to the idea and the practical support to the creative form. In the factory, the design preserve an accessible character. The result has the strenght to put design and production languages at the same level, while the process works in function of the idea of sincerity and integrity.

A hand-creafted luxury, in which the value of luxury becomes a choice.

           A sincere choice.


Extendable table

Extendable table with drawers

Extendable table with drawers

Multitasking stool

Circular table

Wooden table


The expressive strength of the materials, often used together, gives life to more complex, but always sincere objects: the structures, the profiles of the materials, the construction and interlocking method is left in evidence, also as a characterizing element.
The ecological finishes contain vegetable oils, propolis, hard waxes and special polymers for a unique finish that does not affect the visual and tactile effect of the materials, be they wood or metals. The resistance of the treated surfaces is directly proportional to the wear of the material, maintaining an authentic effect even over time.

The artisan knows that each material has specific characteristics and require a particular tool. He knows how each material will react and the best way to work with it in order to get the best result. To learn all of this requires time, patience and love.

The true craftsman is the keeper of an ancient knowledge. Innovation in design combined with the artisan knowledge create an extraordinary product under many aspects.

Creative director
Simone Pradal

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Yvan Paladin
Amministrative dir.

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Silvia Carobolante

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Mirco Zaccaron
Media marketing

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Stefano Gambin

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Eddi Bet
Master carpenter
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