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Simone Pradal

Simone Pradal

Design and development.


He is joint creator, along with Yvan Paladin, of  the brand Casapercasa.

He was born in 1971,  is married and has  four children.

He has always focused his own inspiration on creativity meant as expressive vitality; such inspiration has always found, since his youth, a practical answer in the contact with the proper materials, and in the search for adequate formal solutions.

The constant collaboration with architects and designers, over the years, has led to the development of an original work practice, not only at an executive level, but also as far as  research and  adaptability.

Simone has thus coupled his original aptitude with a decisive design consciousness oriented towards the decomposition of details, both from the creative and aesthetic point of view.

All that  has the power to put on the  same level design and production languages.

Despite thorough study and research, he has no specific inspiring reference among the masters of the past.

He simply creates what he likes and wants his projects to have also something odd  in shape, colour or material, something that may draw special attention.


Yvan Paladin

Management and development.


He worn in Geneva in 1972 and then moved to Italy.

After his graduation from a technical school, he approached the furniture world offering his expertise to a major company in the field of industry.

The meeting with Simone Pradal then gave birth in 1995 to the brand Casapercasa.

He combines accuracy with reliability in the technical administrative financial management and creativity in the search for new ideas or implementation of strategies for business growth.

Capitalizing on his intuition, he mainly deals with the organization of the various orders, the management and enhancement of material and human resources.

Characterized by a special attention  to people,  he shows  great  respect for his customers’ ideas or the  solutions they are looking for.

Being  French his mother tongue, he takes special care of the relations with French-speaking customers.

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